A 30 Day Challenge Begins




The 30 day asana/meditation challenge begins.

I’ve heard it several times: do anything for 30 days and it’ll become a habit. I’ve stopped drinking for 30 days, and I’ve gone vegan for almost 30 days. The second time I went to Europe I practiced asana every day alone (that was 2 whole months!).

But I still drink; I’m not a vegan anymore; I don’t have a personal practice. However, I can’t say that doing something for 30 days doesn’t entirely work. If anything, it brings to light how incredible I feel when I start doing positive things for myself on a regular basis. And then life rolls in and I get lost again…

I’d like for this 30-day challenge to become a lifetime challenge. So each day, I’ll document a little something here as I develop my own asana/meditation practice.

Day 1 February 15

I’m confused.

I’m totally intrigued by the result of a deeply developed meditation practice. I imagine becoming this completely controlled, calm, woman who has big curly hair, beautiful babies and eats a vegetarian diet. What the fuck….

But I’m totally unsure of what the process should look like. It’s a little scary, to be honest.


I’m trying to approach this practice without judgment, but the first word that comes to mind is: disastrous. I sat down and couldn’t stop thinking about what my meditation would become (I repeated the words “stop thinking” several times). I spent a lot of time thinking about yoga (at least I was thinking about yoga…?). A lot of thinking went on…my Mom called…I think I even texted someone.

It became much easier to breathe and remain present when I started to practice asana; I think I need to focus on a mantra, a dedication, a count or something. It was easier to focus on the breath and the present moment after some asana—I’d say I was completely enveloped by the present for a whole six seconds. So yeah, it’s a start.

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