The first taste of my garden(s)


A couple of days ago I thinned my Radishes and made a deliciously fresh tossed salad with the excess leaves.

I added what I had in my refrigerator; this did not take much planning. I washed the leaves, and added sliced cucumber and shredded carrots, marinated artichoke hearts and sunflower seeds (for my protein). Tossed it about; added Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, pepper, lemon and some vinaigrette from the artichoke jar.

Planting and eating the vegetables from my own garden is really a satisfying experience. If you haven’t already, I would suggest planting something small in a pot or in your yard.

Gardening provides me some time away from my real life; it allows me to reconnect to the earth and to breathe. Some of the most meditative moments are spent with my hands in some dark, moist dirt, packing down my baby plants. I know, some real hippy shit, but it makes me feel good, so that’s nice.

One response

  1. From an aging hippy to a newly formed ‘hippy’, gardening (and Yoga) is the root (!!) of it all, enjoy every moment…

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